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\"Why does the resurrection matter?\"

For most people, Easter is just another holiday.

We might get dressed up a little more, have family over, and make sure we are in church that Sunday.

And there’s nothing wrong with celebrating with family at all, but what if Easter was more than that?

We all might celebrate the resurrection of Jesus at church, but does that really transform the way we see our lives? Or is it just another sentimental tradition.

 A lot of people will ask questions about becoming Christian. They wonder:

"Will this make my life happier?”
“Will this make me a more successful person?”

“Will this fit who I am?”

While it would be reasonable to ask questions like this, the only question that really matters is this:

Did the resurrection of Jesus happen, or not? 

None of the other questions matter, if you don’t answer this question for yourself first.

If it didn’t, then Christianity means nothing. There is no power in Christ and faith in Christ if the resurrection did not happen.

But if the resurrection did happen, then it should change everything. It will do more than just make your life happier, more successful, and give you purpose. It will fit who you are more than anything else can. Instead of trying to find things to fit “who we are”, we can know that following Jesus will already fit since we were created to be in relationship with God.

The resurrection of Jesus changes everything. Because of the resurrection:

-We are loved
-Our lives matter
-And our sins are forgiven

If you want to learn more about the resurrection of Jesus, and why it is so incredibly important, I highly recommend Timothy Keller’s newest book ‘Hope in Times of Fear’, and here is a short excerpt:

“If you are looking at Christianity, start by looking at Jesus’s life as it is shown to us in the gospels, and especially at the resurrection. Don’t begin, as modern people do, by asking yourself if Christianity fits who you are. If the resurrection happened, then there is a God who created you for himself and ultimately, yes, Christianity fits you whether you can see it now or not. If he’s real and risen, then just like Paul, even though he had none of the answers to any of his questions, you’ll have to say, ‘What would you have me do, Lord?’ ”

If you would like a copy of this book, feel free to send me an email at and I will be happy to pass it along.


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