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"But what can I actually do?": Short thoughts and a few resources on teenagers, social media, and injustice.

There has probably never been a generation where social justice was more popular than with our teenagers right now.

Sex trafficking.

You name it.

Our teenagers are loudly and strongly speaking up and sharing their views on injustice in the world all over social media.

Sometimes, it’s a really good thing to share your opinion or speak out about an issue online.

But the fact is, that’s not really going to change much if it doesn’t lead to action.

In fact, it can be dangerous for people to assume by just speaking out about something, they are really helping, when there is real work that needs to be done.

After a while, some teenagers come to realize this themselves. And what that happens, they are going to start asking some bigger questions about injustice in the world.

Questions like:

“What can I actually do about it?”

“Why is this happening?”

“And where is God?”

We think the Gospel has answers to all these questions, and more.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ calls all believers of God to action when it comes to injustice. All over scripture, the word of God speaks about advocating for the poor, the outcasts, and the rejected of society in all different forms.

But it also calls us to actually do something about it, and it shows how God has great concern for these people as well. He’s not just watching people suffer, but he’s present in the midst of suffering, and He’s calling His people to action.

When it comes to injustice, action isn't optional for people who follow Jesus.

For some additional resources on this topic:

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