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Eastside "At Home" Guide

Participating in church at home is hard.

It’s a lot of work to limit distractions, get everyone together, and try to mimic an authentic church experience in your own living room.

Worse, we’re worried if that over time, our church at home experience is hurting our families faith.

Eastside believes that whether it’s a pandemic, a snow day, or anything else that life throws at you, you should still be able to have a great church experience at home. While we can’t replace the importance of a real life church community at home, there’s still so much we can do to connect with God as a family when we can’t make it on Sunday mornings.

Here’s three things everyone should know how to use for church at home:

1.) Eastside “At-Home”
Odds are, in the last year, you have watched Eastside at Home at least once. Every Sunday morning at 11 AM, you can use the same link to join the livestream of our church services, from anywhere in the world!

But did you know there’s more you can do than just watch? Make sure to open up chat bar to talk with other people watching alongside you. There’s also a button for giving. And there’s a button where you can request prayers as well.

Again, nothing replaces being able to participate in church together in person. But, there are plenty of resources to connect together on Sunday mornings.

2.) Eastside Students Resources
Every week, I update the Student Resources page for all our families participating in church at home. There’s a ton of content here. Lesson videos, small group questions, devotionals, the Eastside Students blog, related articles, and more!

This is all the exact same content we are going through with Eastside Students in person, so it's great to keep up with if you happen to miss a week in the middle of a series. And, you can access this at any point in the week.

3.) Eastside Service Replays
Maybe Sundays mornings at home just don’t work for church for your family. That’s ok! Much like how the Eastside Students content is set up to be accessed at any point during the week, you can actually go to the church website and access old Sunday services anytime you want! These are uploaded on Mondays (the day after they go live) and you can even download them if you want to take them on the go with you.


Nobody would call the COVID pandemic a blessing. But it has moved us to become more creative with how we interact with church. So whenever your family cannot make it on Sunday mornings in person, be sure to remember all the ways you can stay connected with Eastside at home!


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