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How are you going to spend this summer?

Why do we reach the end of the summer and feel like we wasted it?

Our summer breaks start out with so much promise. It seems like there are unlimited options ahead of us, and we can't wait to fill up the time.

But aside from a trip away, maybe visiting family, and a few backyard hangouts, why do we always get to the end of summer not feeling like we did anything?

That's why we want you to join us for CIY MOVE and CIY MIX this year. We want to make the most of your summer vacation, and help make this next school year the best one yet.

We all want to take new steps and grow every school year. But we usually start the school year feeling like we fell behind not only academically, but in all aspects of life.

That’s often why the start of a new school year is so hard. And if we don't choose to do something about it during the summer, we’re missing a huge opportunity for growth in our young adult lives.

We attend CIY events in the summer, not because we just want to have a really fun week, but because we have seen how these weeks can be a catalyst for growth in the teenagers that come with us, and even change the trajectory of their entire lives.

Through deepening our connections as a community, learning and growing in our faith, and being challenged to engage when we return home, these weeks are often what students point back to as an experience that changed everything for them. The week does so much for our community, and it turns teenagers into young adults whose faith in God calls them to action.

That’s why we want you to sign up today!

We want you to look back on next school year and be proud of all the many ways you’ve changed and grown, and we think that can all start with joining us this year for CIY.

We believe this week will be the best decision you’ll make with your entire summer vacation.

Don’t miss out! Sign up today!
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