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Book Recommendations for 2021

A short list of books for you to start 2021 with

We often get asked for book recommendations, from both students and parents, so we wanted to provide a short list for you. And since we have a brand new year ahead of us, what better way to kick off this year than reading a great book! (or several)

Here are three of my all-time must-reads for both students AND parents. None of these are brand new books, but if you've never read any of these before, you have to get through these to start off your new year!
Love Does by Bob Goff

I look back to when I read this book in High School as a moment that really redirected where my faith was headed. We oftentimes miss out on the love and whimsy of following God, and there is nobody that explains it better than Bob Goff. You'll have more fun reading this book than any other.
Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller

Whether we grew up in the church or not, we all reach a place where we struggle with what our faith in God is supposed to look like. The idea of "religion" usually leaves a bad taste in our mouth at some point. Donald Miller does an excellent job on reflecting on having a faith in Jesus that feels genuine and relevant in our daily lives.
The Reason for God by Timothy Keller

This was the best book I read all year in 2020, and I wish I would have read it the day it came out. We all have big questions about God at some point, and we also have skeptical or non-believing friends who have questions too. This book is the greatest lesson in not only answering the big questions we have when we doubt God, but also building a strong case why faith in God makes sense. It's certainly a more advanced read than the first two, but a must-read for all at some point in their life.
We also get asked about daily devotionals very often as well. While there are a lot of great devotionals out there (we always have one for each week with our content at Eastside Students) here's one we recommend.
Live in Grace, Walk in Love by Bob Goff

Much like Love Does, it's a fun and whimsical guide to walking closer to God throughout the year. Each day has verses, a short devotional thought, and a question for you to ask yourself (which I think is the best part)
If ANY of the books we listed above interest you, or you'd like to get them for somebody in your family, please email me at and we would be happy to send you a copy! Also email me if you are looking for more book recommendations.

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